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By: edisoncabsmkt | January 23, 2017

Are you thinking that only the elderly and the sick get benefits from a non-emergency medical transportation? Then you probably do not have the right idea! A reliable non-emergency medical transportation service will not only help the aged and sick, but also proves to be good for the ailing, recuperating, handicapped and post-surgical patients. A trustworthy non-emergency transportation service provider will offer a top quality, safe and comfortable transportation to meet the requirements like visiting the clinic or hospital in Edison.

It is found that when it comes to health care, some patients who aren’t able to transport themselves to get the proper treatment, rely on their friends or relatives to provide assistance. This is not one of the most convenient options and leads to a lot of stress and anxiety. In this case, relying on a non-emergency transportation will prove to be a great alternative that gives patient the comfort and independence.

Who needs a non-emergency medical transportation?

  • People who can’t move on their own due to a recent injury

  • Patients undergoing physical therapy or in rehabilitation

Let us explore some useful things about hiring a non-emergency medical transportation, which proves to be the most comfortable and stress free way to meet the doctor or visit a clinic/ hospital!

1. Enjoy a Safe and Consistent Transportation:

There are many patients who need constant visits to clinics and hospitals in Edison for different medical procedures such as regular check ups or more intensive treatment like dialysis. In this case, you need a reliable non-emergency transportation service to meet your medical appointments. With a reliable transportation service provider in Edison, you will get a safe, non-emergency medical transportation that will provide an on-time and comfortable ride to/from the clinic or hospital.

2. Avoid Hassles of Public Transportation:

It can be very difficult to get on and off the bus or other public transportation, when you are wearing a cast from surgery or for an injury. Hiring a reliable non-emergency transportation service can help in reducing your transportation hassles and offer a peace of mind. You will get the highest level of service and assistance by booking a professional NEMT or non-emergency transportation service.

3. High Level of Independence:

Do you know what makes NEMT the best? The non-emergency transportation service allows the patients to enjoy the freedom of movement. You can conveniently meet up your non-emergency medical needs and enjoy a good health.

You can book a professional non-emergency medical transportation service in Edison from EDISON Taxi and Limousine to enjoy a comfortable, safe and relaxing ride to visit a clinic or hospital. We offer well maintained and equipped fleet and experienced chauffeur to provide you a comfortable, non-emergency medical transportation service at the best price.  Contact us today at (848) 444- 1000 to book our Edison NEMT or non-emergency medical transportation service!


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